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The Focus of Our Efforts



Bringing about sustainably managed and rejuvenated transformation

In pursuance of its vision, creating a smart North East India, and bringing about Sustainably Managed and Rejuvenated Transformation (SMART), in the Chattered Village initiative MOSONiE uphold Rural Development activities by facilitating overall village development plan and activities. Chattered Village initiative is an integrated program with the objective of bringing Socio-Economic transformation through concerted planning for all around development of MOSONiE adopted villages. The available resources are mobilized and put to optimum utilization for the development of the village. It includes linking up with various government schemes and programs. MOSONiE here plays the role of a catalyst in developmental processes with the concern of the village leaders and also empowers the concerned villages in carrying forward the activities for sustainability in the long run.


Making rural communities ready for the new-normal

In response to COVID-19, MOSONiE Socio-Economic Foundation in collaboration with Office of the District Medical and Health Officer, ANM Killing Sub-Center and Pillangkata Sub-Center, Ri-Bhoi District, carried out awareness drives in remote villages in Umling Block, Ri-Bhoi District, Meghalaya. The main objective of the program was to make the community aware about the seriousness of COVD-19, social behaviors, hygiene,  care of COVID positive patients, Helpline Numbers,  precautions to lower the risk, importance of vaccination, myths and facts about the vaccine.  The entire program was supported by SELCO Foundation.



Tackling the Issue

MOSONiE works towards Disaster Response in Meghalaya and Assam, during floods, landslides and any other natural disasters. MOSONiE has collaborated with organisations like SELCO Foundation and Young Indians organization for distributing dry ration, hygiene kits and relief materials to the needy. 


Education with a Difference

Initiative to provide education and awareness on climate change issues through a Non Conventional Practical Education to the children of the mining communities, who are the 1st generation to receive education and to visit a school. The team at MOSONiE imparts knowledge and practical learning focusing on 3 main subjects i.e. Agriculture, Health and Environment. At present we have a school set up in a village with 80 students currently enrolled.



Healthcare to the last mile

To bring affordable health care and free health information to the community and identify the common health problems of the community in order to devise ways of addressing it and also to create awareness in both preventive and curative health treatment of the common conditions in the community, referrals for those who required specialized treatment to the relevant center, create awareness for personal hygiene in the prevention of serious diseases.


Lighting up villages in a more environment-friendly way

MOSNiE SEF also engages in environmental protections and regenerating activities of the depleted forest through Awareness creation, community tree plantation drives and promotion of clean and renewable energy by providing basic energy solutions to the last mile households. We have installed 151 solar home lighting systems and 4 livelihood solutions in far flung unelectrified villages.



Re-greening earth

MOSONiE SEF in collaboration with Young Indian Organization and Round Table Organization has distributed 700 fruit trees saplings to 4 villages. The varieties of fruit trees are Banana, Pears, Litchi, Orange, Lemon, Coconut and Jamun are distributed. The main aim of plantation drives is to build a Green and Clean planet and bring sustainable livelihood in the near future.

Overall MOSONiE SEF has planted over 2000 fruit bearing trees till date.


Livelihood for a better future

The communities who are otherwise engaged in hazardous and unorganized sector, working as day wage labour in stone mining and quarries are encouraged to adopt sustainable livelihood practices, such as organic farming, kitchen gardening, vertical gardening, animal husbandry and such other income generating activities  and MOSONiE SEF provides capacity building training, seedlings, piglets and initial support. 

In collaboration with Selco Foundation, MOSONiE SEF has also provided livelihood support to existing Solar powered Sewing Machine Entrepreneurs.



Developing Cleaner Plastic Free Villages

MOSONiE SEF has been sensitizing the rural communities of Assam and Meghalaya on Environmental protection and methodologies of waste seggregation and management through awareness campaigns, waste collection, composting workshops and community cleanliness drives in the Chartered villages.

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